Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mischief Managed!!!!

Well, actually, I just like the way that sounds. My mischief is totally unmanageable. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Oh, okay, alright, already. Enough of that. Really, I've been up to all kinds of good.

If you remember on of my previous posts about extroverted flatulenteur, well here we go again.
My stupid cell phone died on me. Well, I killed it by placing it on the table out by the pool while I proceeded to water the plants inadvertently watering the top of the table as well. Idiot!!!! Anyways, I had all these cool ring tones from Wicked and as you know, when you pay and download the stupid things they stay with the phone. So I went to my account on-line to download them again. I CANNOT live without 'em. Low and behold when I looked at my account it said my next bill was $1300.00!!!!! Freak out time, this cannot be correct. I called customer service and it was correct. Seems for months now we have been living off of roll-over minutes. Then Sara went out of town for job training. You know the boyfriend thing, she couldn't live without talking to him copious amounts and usually before free nights started. And Aaron was dating a girl who isn't on our network so that counted minutes. Customer Service was very, very nice. I changed my plan, she backdated it to start with this billing cycle since we had already gone over our allotted minutes and she also got it backdated to the previous month. I'm waiting for a call to tell me the damage after all that. It will probably be several hundred but nothing like $1300.00. So now I'm afraid to download my ring tones so I'm using the generic ones that come with the phone that sound just like everyone else's in the world. :(

We have about 13 acres and typically we mow about 10 of it. Aaron has been in charge of the mowing however now he has so many students, he teaches music, and with his other job he just doesn't have time. He usually meets his self coming and going. Everyone else works, and of course we all know that I don't!!!!! So the mowing is falling on me. Truthfully I enjoy it. Somewhat mindless. But not totally mindless for me. Our mower is a Dixon 60" zero radius. I know it had to be quite humorous watching me mowing at first. I cannot tell you how many backwards turns I made, but I kept my cool just in case the neighbors across the way were watching or my boys were having a good laugh on mom or just in case the CIA had a spy satellite honed in on me, I just acted like that is what I meant to do and started going the other direction. I'm much better at it now. I had the bright idea of mowing so the cut grass went into the middle so as I continued mowing it would cut the mowed grass finer since the grass was quite tall. Well my plan backfired. Can you believe it? I mean a plan I devised backfiring, really!!!!! The grass actually locked up the blades on this commercial mower and I broke a belt. Aaron lovingly carried on and on about it the whole way to the Dixon dealership. Forty some odd dollars later I have a new belt. Got home, Aaron put it on, started mowing again and ran out of gas at the bottom of one of our hills. Had to wait to get gas so I went to knitting at Barnes & Noble. A good time was had by all. The next morning David refilled the gas tank and off I went.
The pool dude finally came and fixed the leak in the pool and I am refilling (again) as we speak. After it is filled I am to call him so he can come and fix the heater. Pray people, pray. I really, really need to get this up and running without any additional expense.
My stupid socks I've been working on (several posts back) are definitely too big. I even tried to trick the little creeps but it didn't work. So they are going to a very wonderful home. I'll have a picture this weekend. From now on I am not using one of those "special fit charts." They are liars!!!!
I take that back, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," and mischief is not managed. On a very happy note. I joined a fiber swap and yesterday I received my package from my fiber swap partner, Susan Tipton. It totally blew me away and gave me a needed lift.
8 oz of some beautiful kind of coffee with a little bit of cream brown alpaca
1 oz tussah silk
2.6 oz cotton
2.4 oz Olde Babydoll Southdown Sheep
.2 oz angelina
1 lbs hand dyed alpaca-merino blend
Isn't that awesome!!!! However, like my many other wonderful fibers that I have either purchased or has been given to me, I hate to go ahead and attempt spinning it up for fear of screwing it up. Guess you gotta start somewhere, huh?


Tabitha said...

Well, I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but any time I have ever mowed grass (I can count on one hand how many times, lol) the same silly stuff happpens to me! Running out of gas, running over something you shouldn't, or barely being able to get the stupid push mowers started! I'm sure we're not the only ones either, we're just the only ones that would admit it, LOL!

Hope all works itself out with the expenses, and yeah look at the bright side you have more FIBER!!!!YAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, sounds like someone's got it out for you this week. even your own socks betrayed you! Now that's just wrong. Hope everything works out soon.

The new fiber looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing it all spun up.

Shelby said...

Great package!!

Sonya said...

Peggy, I give you permission to not get out of bed Friday. After the few days you have had sounds like you need it.

Traci said...

My goodness, what a time you have had. $1300 phone bill?! Oh my stars, I would have died. I'll be blogging again soon, just got back from visiting relatives.

Alpaca Granny said...

Your phone scarey!
Just get at that lovely pile of fiber. You can't ruin it. Just enjoy the process.