Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Elphaba Lives!!!!!!!

Early Tuesday morning myself, Sara and Emma Belle set out for our long awaited trip to Chicago to see Wicked. We left Bowling Green at 6:00 am and drove approximately 2 hours to my sister, Lisa's, house in Louisville. From there we set out for a 5 hour trip to Chicago. Our trip was uneventful and we found parking just one block from the Ford Center Oriental Theater.

I had purchased tickets for us to attend "Behind the Emerald Curtain." This is a behind the scenes look at Wicked. We found out all sorts of interesting stuff. Each and every wig used is made of human hair and is constructed by sewing each strand by hand. Actually it is kind of a "hooked rug" application. Even all the shoes are handmade. Tuesday's performance was the 844th performance there at the Oriental Theater. The theater itself is a treat. It is very ornate with its gilded architecture.

The performance was absolutely unbelievable. More than I could have ever hoped or dreamed. Having already been totally engrossed in the soundtrack I was afraid that it wouldn't match up to it. But, I have to say it was every bit as good. The young lady, Carmen Cusack, who played Elphaba, "The Wicked Witch of the West", was actually the understudy for the regular Elphaba. Which concerned me as well. She was phenomenal. I have to rate her right up there with Idina Menzel, the original Broadway Elphaba.

Here are some pictures of my little Elphaba, who stole the show in the lobby prior to the performance starting. To get the full effect make sure you click on the pictures for the larger view.

Elphaba, Emma Belle, outside the theater in front of one of the billboards. She insists on being very serious when in costume as Elphaba. She had lost a bit of her makeup at this point.

This one is Emma standing in front of Elphaba's fancy dress. This dress is unbelievably gorgeous and costs approximately $25,000.

While waiting we had a little photo shoot, this is my favorite pose. They do not allow photos to be taken inside the actual theater portion of the building so unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the performances, the ones on stage or those by Emma Belle in the seat.

Oh, after seeing the musical, I feel quite differently about Glinda. As it turns out she was obeying Elphaba's wishes after her "death" to not come to her defense. So it is all good with Glinda and myself. And if you are one of those who believe the story in "The Wizard of Oz," that is just a make believe story, Wicked is the true story, "the untold story of the witches of oz."

Just a little fun during intermission. Emma Belle told me that "maybe when we go to your house some of these people can come and watch me sing." If she keeps going the direction she is they won't have to come to Gammy's house, they will have to go to Broadway!!!!!

I am already planning my next trip. I cannot wait to see it again!!!!!


Tabitha said...

Oh my goodness! I am just so thrilled right now, to see my little girl so happy, I could cry tears of joy. She looked perfect!!! I am so glad you girls had a great time!
And Gammy, you get big time points for this one, you made one of our little Elphabas' dreams a reality. I can't say enough how happy that makes me!
I can also see many Broadway shows in our future, with our Emma as the star!!!! :)

Joanne said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time! Wow!

June said...

Wowza, Peggy it all looks wonderful! I'm so glad all went well and a good time was had by all!

Alpaca Granny said...

What a wonderful adventure. Thanks for sharing with us.

loribird said...

Emma Belle, um Elphaba, is among the most adorable little girls I've ever seen. What a treat for her to get to see such a big show - I'm wondering if they'll have a movie-version, I'd love to see it (but it's not playing in Alaska or Maine) The dress you made her is perfect.

Holly said...

Wow-that looks fantastic! What a treat! And she'll remember it, too. I still remember seeing The Nutcracker as a child.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that dress only costs $25,000 because Idina Menzel wore it and not because that's how much they had to pay to make it.

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

How adorable! :)