Monday, March 12, 2007


My wheel did arrive today. She is so very beautiful. It took me about 3 episodes of 24 Season 4 to get it all together. Actually quite easy. Now I just have to oil her up real good and then take the plunge. I have to admit, after all this crying and bellyaching about wanting my wheel I am actually kind of scared to get to spinning. Silly huh? Kermit the Frog said "It ain't easy being green," I say "It ain't easy being anal!!!" :) I haven't even christened the Turkish spindle. How pathetic is that?

Here she is in her new home. Although I am going to have to figure a way to keep her from slipping on the floor.

Saturday the knitting groups I get with on Tuesdays at Barnes & Noble and on Wednesdays at church met at my house for a time of food, fellowship and knitting. We had lots of fellowship (talking and sharing) and food and a little knitting. Two hours are just not enough time. It was great. Everyone shared their latest project, we have some talented people. Also June brought along some roving and drop spindles and gave a demonstration. We are trying to get some converts. :) I didn't even think about pictures until it was all over. :(
One of the ladies, Diane, brought me these beautiful hand knitted cotton dishcloths. Almost too pretty to use, I have just been admiring them.
This round one was the talk of the day!!!!! Hopefully the next time I post I'll have some yarn to show you.


vanessa said...

your spinning corner is lovely!

Tabitha said...

LUCKY!!!! Your wheel is beautiful! Have fun spinning!