Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spinning People Are Soooooo Nice!!!! (Pt 2)

Yesterday I met with the most wonderful, interesting woman, Joanne. She is amazing. She spins beautifully, both drop spindle and wheel, she designs knitting patterns and writes articles for major knitting/fiber magazines and yarn companies, she knits and does so much more. See her web-site in the My Favorite Places to Visit section of this blog.

We met at a very unique coffee/tea/bread/sandwich place, Bread and Bagel. Awesome menu and a very quaint and cool atmosphere. They even have a beautiful ivy lined sun porch. I highly recommend it!!!! Want to go for lunch?

Joanne was very informative and helpful. Since I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY WHEEL!!! We worked on my drop spinning. Hey, I'm doing pretty good, particularly for a beginner. One of the biggest things she helped me with was not being a perfectionist. To just chill and enjoy my yarn and the process. She also brought me some unbelievable wool!!!!! See the picture to the left. I know it is difficult to tell the difference, besides color, without the privilege of touch but from left to right here are the names of the various types shown. 1) Romney Ram, 2) Icelandic, 3) Romney Crossbreed and 4) Romney Crossbreed. I really love natural colored fibers, but look forward to getting into dyeing my own.. Didn't I tell you spinning people are sooooooooooo nice? (as well as knitters) I still think we are just so thrilled to find or produce fiber addicts. It validates us and makes us feel better about ourselves. Now I am just kidding. I love enriching other's lives with "old world" arts and crafts. My way of influencing history.

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