Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friendly Fibers

It is HOT in this piece!!!! Here it is the middle of March and we are having highs in the 80's. I absolutely refuse to turn the air on in March. Who ever heard the like? Plus, I guarantee you in a week or two it will be freezing around here. I remember one Derby Day back in '88 or '89 that it snowed. It was horrible. If you aren't familiar with the Kentucky Derby, it is held the 1st Saturday in May.

Once again, I'm trying to use up some of my stash. (BORING!!!!) I've been working on some cotton dishcloths. Many of them are like the pictures from a previous post. What I really want to do is run down to my LYS (local yarn store), Crafty Hands, and get some sort of wonderful, awesome yarn fit for an Aran sweater. But restraint is my friend (?). But I might be in trouble. One of the women from the knitting class I lead wants me to take her to Crafty Hands so I can show her the ropes (HA, HA, get it?). Anyways.....

I've done a little spinning each day. I'v almost filled two bobbins with a beautiful brown Romney roving Joanne gave me. Don't tell me my bobbin isn't wound very even, I know already. :) I really like spinning Romney. It is an excellent fiber choice for a beginner. I heard another newbie spinner say she felt it almost spun itself. I wouldn't go that far but it is great.

Romney fibers like each other. As they are sliding out of the roving into your draft zone they reach back and grab hands with their buddies. Some fibers are not friendly little fellers, they try to just go on their merry little way and you really have to coax them to take a buddies hand. But then there are some fibers that are scaredy cats as they leave the pack they try to grab everybody and their brother to pull along with them. You gotta know you fibers. :)

To make myself and June happy I got my Turkish Spindle out and gave her a whorl. :) Initially I tried spinning some of the Icelandic roving from Joanne but I quickly became very frustrated so out came the old faithful Romney and off I went. It isn't much, but it is some.

Soon I'm going to be opening my own Etsy store and also selling on Ebay. I am so excited and have some neat things in the works. I'll let you know more when I have things firmed up a bit. Chow!!


Rosa said...

I've only spun Romney in the grease during a lesson. Thanks for the great description on how your spinning Romney is going. Can't wait to see more.

Tabitha said...

Hot is right...I just wish the weather would make up it's mind, either 40 or 80 pick one and stick with it! I hope your Etsy shop does well! Your spinning looks great!

Holly said...

We had 80's temps yesterday, too. I pulled all the bins out of the attic to give the kids their summer things. Kinda fun, except for the huge amount of work-ha!
I like your description of fiber personalities ;~)

Joanne said...

Dang it's hot. We turned the air on. This was partially because my husband could barely breathe through the tree pollen as it no open windows for us.
I'm so glad you like the Romney! Your description of how easy it is to spin is perfect. I have just started posting stuff on etsy. I only put up three skeins of yarn; I have more to post but want to see how it goes first...not to make you envious, but I am knitting Aran weight wool right now, as well as some cotton napkins. Best of both worlds!