Saturday, March 31, 2007

15,000 Eggs!!!!

We had our humongous Easter Egg Hunt today at church and I am wore out. We had around 1,200 people and 15,000 eggs. Let me just say, it was WILD!!!! Emma Belle was with me. By the time we got over to her age group they had already started and all the eggs were gone.

Soooooo we had our own Easter Egg Hunt. We got together with another family and hid eggs all over my front yard. I bet we hid 100 and that was for two!!!! After they found them all Emma Belle wanted us to hide them again. So guess what we did, we hid them again. They had a ball!!!!

Here are Jeremiah and Emma Belle after hours in the hot sun, 1,200 people, 15,000 eggs of which they got none and two egg hunts in Gammy's yard. Do they look tired and dirty? Boy I was!!!!

Welp, I finally did it. I finished my first two bobbins of yarn. This is the Romney cross I've been working on little by little. I think it turned out pretty good for a first skein. And more importantly, I can see and feel improvement. The color is a beautiful chocolate brown, the picture doesn't capture the true color.

Hanging out to dry.

All skeined up.


Heidi Kim said...

Hi Peggy.

Wow, that was a lot of eggs. In Norway we don't have tradition with easter bunny. Look fun, but exchausted for the parents :o) Your skein look lovely, is it not a good feeling when you managed the spinning wheel?

Wish you and your family a happy easter :o)

LDSVenus said...

Your skeins look very good. What are you going to knit up with them?

Tabitha said...

The pic of Emma and Jeremiah is sooooo cute! I'm sure they had a blast!
Your skeins look great!! After you knit up something with it, won't it be awesome to say you made something from scratch? I can't wait for my first FO that I spin and knit :), what an accomplishment!!!!

Elysbeth said...

The skeins look scrumptious. Whatcha gonna make?

P.S. Love the Lady Bug basket.

Joanne said...

Wow! Those skeins are fabulous. :) This might motivate me to actually spin some of that stuff up myself! (let me know if you want more of anything and we can cut a very affordable deal. There's no way I will spin all of this any time soon...)

15,000 eggs? Do you take them home afterwards to eat? We also use up lots of eggs for Passover but so far, every single one has gone into food for eating!

Susan in N. GA said...

Love your blog, I also do Easter activities with my grandchildren. I am also new to handspinning after having my wheel in storage for over ten years. I added your nice blog to the links on mine. Love your Church site too.