Sunday, March 4, 2007


Our Winston (Winsty) went to be with the Lord yesterday. We have all been somewhat upset. Primarily blaming ourselves for letting him out. He was hit by a car. From all indications he didn't suffer. He was the best, truly best dog we have ever had. Extremely sweet and obedient. We love him greatly and will terribly miss him. However, compared to the loss of life this past week due to tornadoes or bus crashes and what those family's have to be going through it is nothing. It is a matter of perspective.


June said...

Oh my good gosh, Peggy!! I am so very, very sorry! I hope you are doing ok, and if you need a shoulder to cry on please know I am here for you -

Elysbeth said...

Oh no! I have a cairn also and I feel awful for you. There just isn't anything right to say.