Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aaron's Satchel

I've begun knitting Aaron's Satchel. It is from my very first hand spun yarn. The yarn is not consistent but it should felt just fine. Wish I could remember what all I did to dye the variegated yarn. I know I first dyed it orange with Kool-Aid but then I used some other dyes, maybe Wilton's Leaf Green or Wilton's Kelly Green. Does the Wilton Greens split? I know the black does. Anyways, it started out like this.

After over-dyeing, it looks like this.

And the beginning of the satchel.


Traci said...

Looks like it will be great!

Tabitha said...

Hey, I like the over-dying, looks good to me :) Can't wait to see it felted!

Marmee said...

It looks so awesome!! Great dye job and how proud you will be once it is felted!
Way to go, woman!

Sonya said...

The colors look great. When are you going to come visit us on a Tuesday??

Peggy said...

That is going to be one special satchel! handspun, handdyed, handknit! Wow!