Friday, August 24, 2007

Monogamous? Never!!!!!

There is a lot to be said about virtue, purity and faithfulness. But, basically it spells - NO FUN!!!! B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!! Why settle down to just one when you can have so many at your beck and call? Oh, sure, some get their feelings hurt particularly when you ignore them for weeks, months or even years on end. They had their day in the sun and I didn't see them feeling sorry for the last fella. Exactly what, tell me WHAT is a fun loving chick like me supposed to do? Settle down, quit sowing my wild oats? PLEASE!!!!! NEVER!!!!! THE MAN AIN'T PULLING ME DOWN, EVER!!!!

I may be 50, but by golly I got many, many, many more years of wild knits to sow. And I've found a new love. Do I feel guilty about leaving my other projects OTN (on the needles)? Stuffing the little fellers in Kroger bags, tying a knot and hiding them under the bed or in the closet or where ever they can't eye me and scream at me every time I turn around. If they would just lay there patiently and quietly they wouldn't get the bag. But nooooooooooo, they won't, every time I see them they start screaming and putting a lot of condemnation and guilt on me. "Quitter" "You loved me!!!!" "@#@!$%" "You are never going to amount to anything." "If only the other knitters knew how you acted." I tell you it is just too much. So, pull out the bag, tie it really tight and give it a toss in a nice dark place with only the dust bunnies to keep them company.

Now that I have that off my chest. Let me tell you about my new love. Oh, my, what is there not so love. Soft, sensitive to my every move, open, encircles me with warmth and love...............makes me feel like the feminine queen of the world, nay, of the universe!!!!! My new love? Knitting lace.

I finished my Mystery Stole 3, Swan Lake.

And I just purchased Victorian Lace Today found here. Oh my, let the lusting begin. Every picture is a must have. I'm having a hard time deciding which will come first. Any ideas?

Now, I have not left my love of knitting socks. In fact I have cast on another pair. It is in this yarn and the pattern can be found here. It is a tribute to Fawkes, Dumbeldore's beloved, faithful phoenix.

So in keeping with my love of knitting socks, my love of swaps and my love of everything Harry Potter. I LOVE YOU HARRY!!!!! I joined the Hogwarts Scarf/Sock Kit Swap. Sounds like lots of fun. Come join us. Part of the swap is you have to be sorted into one of the Hogwarts Houses by taking an on-line test. And, thankfully I was sorted into Gryffindor. I shutter to think I would be sorted into any of the others. Hufflepuff's are just to affable, Ravenclaw's too brainy and Slytherin's....well Voldemort and Draco Malfoy - enough said.

One last thing. Abby is going to have a Winter Batt Club!!!! Of course, I had to re-new my membership. You can check out her blog here for all the info. The two pictures with a pool behind it are mine. :) You will not be sorry, really!!!!

Heck, join me in knitting one of the shawls out of Victorian Lace Today, the Hogwarts Swap and Abby's Winter Batt Club. All or one. It will be fun. Like a sleepover of sorts. Come on, give up that boring monogamous lifestyle. Live on the wild side. Keep those needles guessing.


Romi said...

The swan is beautiful on you! :)

Jette said...

Your Swan is also very beautiful, and now I'm ready for more laceprojects.:o)

Arianwen said...

shall we do the melon stole? it isnt my favourite but it seems to be the one everyone starts with.

LUL said...

That's the way to go!
I just started The Melon -not because everyone is doing it, but because I really like it (and because it isn't as huge as The Cap)

Robin said...

Your MS3 is BREATHTAKING! I love it!

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Peggy.

Your Swan are just gorgous, I was not sure how it would look. But with your photos I see how wonderful it looks around you.

Hm, maybe I also have to knit the Swan :o)

Annie C said...

Hey, thanks for the warm welcome to the Secret of the Stole! Your Swan Stole is gorgeous.

Traci said...

The lace is gorgeous! I did the sorting hat quiz. We can be roomies!

Anonymous said...

The stole is gorgeous!
I may have to go join the HP swap... I've never done one before.

brooke said...

Hi, it's me. You are looking for me?? i am at

Tabitha said...

Very beautiful! Go crazy girl and swap!

wendy said...

Victorian Lace today is one of my favourite books - I've knit the melon stole, the cherry leaf and the French Trellis border recently and loved all of them - in particular the cherry leaf. I just love flicking through the book drooling at the pictures.