Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It Is HOT In This Piece!!!!! & The Debil Is Alive And Well!!!!

Good gravy Marie!!!! It is HOTTER than "H E double hockey sticks" around here. At 2:30pm the temp here is 99 degrees and the heat index is 103. HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! Our little pond has totally dried up. And the big one is so shallow, you can see how far the water has retreated from the bank in the picture below. This time last year the trunk and on up the branches of that little fallen tree was submerged. We are in bad shape. My heart goes out to those whose livelihood depends on crops or their animals being able to graze.

Well, that is the HOT portion. I swear, I didn't aim to do it. Again, it just sorta happened. I went into my LYS, Crafty Hands today JUST to pick up the newest Limited Edition Tofutsie by SWTC and to get some sock yarn to include in the Sockamaniacsocknitters swap package due to be sent out by the 13th. You can see here what my swap partner sent to me!!!

Found the perfect sock yarn for my swap pal - CHECK. Found the new SWTC Limited Edition Tofutsie sock yarn - CHECK. Then it happened. The debil herself started running all over the store like a crazed banshee showing me all the new sock yarns all the while pointing other things out to the her other victims in the store. She did show me some really neat new sock yarn by Crystal Palace Yarns - Maizy. This yarn is 82% corn fiber and 18% elastic nylon. The colors are gorgeous and there was this one coral called Hibiscus.........well, when I walked out of the store I had the swap pal yarn, the new Tofutsie, the Maizy, two really adorable tape measures (one for me and one for somebody), 3 new sets of dpns (sizes 0,1, & 2), a swift and a ball winder. HEY, I needed to last two things!!!!!

My new theme song is "Crazy, I'm Crazy For Feeling So Lonely." I know I'm crazy for feeling so lonely but what are you!!!!!! Just as much a crazed fool as me, that's what!!!!!


Tabitha said...

Love the sock yarn! Let me know how you like the Maisy, I've never used it.
And yes, HOT it is!!!!!

June said...

Ahhha! I found you out! You've been hiding at the yarn store!!

Anonymous said...

They must have had the AC at 62 for you to think you needed that much wool!! But the Maizy is lovely, and interesting fibers. Let us know how it knits up.

Roseann said...

I wasn't sure about the Tofutsie yarn, but those colors are very intriguing, like I want to buy them, like I need more sock yarn. Lovely yarns, very inspiring.

Marmee said...

Well, bless your heart, it isn't your fault!!
Love all your booty, cant wait to see WIP!

Traci said...

Yeah, I'm a little freaked about getting hay this winter for the ponies. Our "pasture" is picked clean and there is nothing else growing. We haven't mowed the rest of the yard in over 6 weeks and it is only just today getting to the point it needs it.
Great yarn!