Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three Little Batts All In A Row

NANNY UPDATE: (If you aren't interested, fiber news at the bottom.) :)

Hiyah, things seem to be going okay on the Nanny front. When I got up there yesterday Nanny and Sheila had gotten themselves all worked up into a tizzy. Apparently my sister, Sheila, had over heard a couple Aunts discussing what the options for Nanny and Sheila's care would be and Sheila, being Sheila, misunderstood and told Nanny all she had heard. Sheila had called one of the Aunts that has been such a great help and more or less told her off. I had a nice little time of defusing that volatile situation. Once again, ever seen the movie "Dream Team?" I live it!!!!!

My birth Mother, Nanny's sister, went with us yesterday to take her to the doctor and to check into some things. She seems to be a lot more cognizant of what is going on around her and much more stable on her feet. It is our, and the doctor's, belief that she had not been taking her medicine correctly and that was the cause of the hallucinations and the primary reason for her inability to walk straight. We shall see. Myself, Mother and Nanny's other sisters have developed a scheme that I think will help keep things on track. I'm going up again Thursday to take her for a CT scan and to check on a couple other things. I know that in her present condition, if Nanny did have to move to a nursing home or probably even move out of her own house it would be her downfall. I so want to keep things as normal as possible for both her and Sheila.

Since my wonderful husband, David, went with me yesterday I didn't have to drive. Which means I got to knit!!!! As usual, I took enough knitting with me to last for at least a week. I took three pairs of socks and Aaron's satchel. You never know where you might get stuck and for how long. Ya gotta be prepared!!!! I got quite a bit of work done on these "Basic Cable" socks. I purchased this yarn at the first of the year. For the last three years or so I have made socks for Christmas gifts to be given to my half-sisters, sisters-in-law and such. So every year right after Christmas I buy the yarn "so I will get the socks done way in advance." Yeah, right. This yarn is STEP by Austermann, 75% superwash wool/25% nylon. It also has Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oils in it making this yarn oh so very soft.

I'm a sucker. I ordered some more wonderful batts from Abby. Some for me and some for my Spindle and Wheel Fiber Frenzy Swap partner. Say that five times in a row. I can't remember what they are all made from, I gotta retrieve that info and I'll post it later. But the names of these beauties from left to right are: Bluegrass (I had to have that one since I'm from The Bluegrass State, think maybe Abby saw me coming?), Orange You Glad and Pine. I know the Pine is 33% Superfine Merino/33% Cashmere/33% Tussah Silk. YUMMY!!

In the next day or so I should have a picture of my MS3 finished and blocked. I can't wait to see it myself!!!!


Roseann said...

I'm glad things are moving forward smoothly on the Nanny front. I love looking at your batts and yarn. Your Step colors are very pretty. I love knitting in the car and appreciate your need to bring a variety of projectss.

Tabitha said...

I'm so happy things are looking up for you all. I know that would be a terrible decision to have to make and I know Nanny would want to strangle all of ya :) I'm glad things are working out!
The socks look great! And I love those beautiful Autumn fiber colors! Yay, Fall, I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

The socks are very pretty. Hope everything continues smoothly with the nanny situation.

Brooke said...

Hi! I am doing the MS3 too and have become keen on lace. I have a lace book, but the charts freak me out. If Mrs. R had not coverted MS3 into a readable pattern, i'd be toast!! I have a Q on Hogwarts sock swap.. i tried to do it, but did not want to sign up for yet another email to check.. can you do it and not use the email they list on the signup?? I tried to reach the hostess, but no reply..**sigh** I spin too, come by my blog and visit..