Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm Winging It - And The Harrowing Escape Attempt

Last Friday Clue 5 of MS3 was released. Along with the latest clue Melanie also released the theme. DaTaDaDa!!!!! Swan Lake!!!! Cool huh? And she just announced an extra pattern that consists of two wings!!!! Gotta make that one!!!!

Last night I finished Clue 5. Yesterday, while working on said project one of the needles came slightly unscrewed causing a stitch or two to fall into that little crevice. While I was distracted about ten of those little stitch's buddies thought they would take that chance to make a run for it. Yep, one by one they jumped the needle. Thankfully I am the possessor of a calm and calculating mind. While others would be screaming and crying and Oh no, I calmly began picking those little fellers off one by one. Two really thought they had made it but my cunning eyes spotted them. I quickly called in back up forces. Desperate times require desperate measures!!!! The local Size 2 DPN and the dreaded Cable Needle were brought out of temporary retirement and called into action. You can run, but by golly you can't hide!!!!

Due to the disobedience of those two little stitches the whole stole had to pay a price. I tinked it back two rows, one agonizing stitch at a time. Serves 'em right. Then I just kepta knittin. Crime never pays dudes!!!! NEVER!!!!!

Here are two pictures of the MS3 with Clue 5 completed. The one on a left shows the stole with the wing portion. The pic on the right is a close up of the wing. Aren't those feathers just gorgeous?


Lynne said...

ooooo pretty! I think that the wing portion would make a beautiful triangular shawl just by itself.

loribird said...

Ah, it looks so nice! I really need to get some more of mine done...
Your story of the thwarted escape attempt is hilarious!

Sue_hp said...

Very nice! I like your bead contrast, too!

Sonya said...

You showed them!

Those naughty stitches

Tabitha said...

I love the fact you taught those stitches a lesson and in a calm manner! I, on the other hand, would have been crying and cussin' LOL!! So, good for you :)
It looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! Stitches trying to go AWOL, hilarious!
It's looking lovely.

When I found out the theme was Swan Lake I realized I would someday need to knit it. There no way I can deny ballet!