Monday, November 12, 2007

Bowling Green, I think We Have A Problem

Okay, problem number one. My stupid, frickin keyboard has apparently gone on strike. It will let me capitalize only "certain" letters. I'm sure those letters have been complaining about being used far more than the others. It ain't my fault, I didn't make up the stupid language ABOUt A DOZEN EXCLAMATION POINTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

yeah, it won't let me utilize the exclamation point AND you know how I love my exclamation points. I can't even make a happy face, or a sad one for that matter. Here in a bit I'm going to "power down" and see if that remedies the problem. A good cleaning probably wouldn't hurt either. The other day I dumped it over and enough crumbs fell out to make a loaf of bread. Hey, this is my eating/knitting/watching tv/work station FIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS.

that is a problem, but it isn't tHE problem I came to talk with you about today. I have a serious problem. I probably need a serious intervention. I can't really say I'm in denial. I AM really getting concerned about my knitting. Although I don't really think it is my fault. Well, you see........hmmm, where to begin. I've spoken about this before. Actually I thought it was kind of funny but it is getting way beyond funny. The whole issue is KALs.

I think I MAy be a KAL addict. Maybe, not definitely, the jury is still out on this one. Okay, I'll come clean. KALs just seem to fall in my lap, or jump on my screen. I will be just happily reading along and out of no where jumps another KAL. Now, one of the main culprits of these is Moni. She is the designer for Secret of Chrysopolis, one of the most gorgeous patterns I have ever seen. Well, she decided to do another KAL that starts after the first of the year - the Secret of Bad Nauheim. I find out today she is starting yet another KAL - the Fisherman's Wife. So here's how it plays out. I have had to build a spreadsheet so I can keep up with all the KALs I am either taking part in or getting ready to take part in. This is the list so far:

Mystery Stole 3 -- completed in August 07

Secret of the Stole -- Working on Clue 6 - I'm up to date on this one

Secret of Chrysopolis -- Working on Clue 2/Clue 7 has been released

Mystic Waters -- Working on Clue 3 - I'm up to date on this one

Spring Shawl Surprice -- to start Jan 08 - Swatch to be released Nov 15, 07

Secret of Bad Nauheim -- to start First of 08

Fisherman's Wife -- to start First of 08

Muir -- On going but starting November 15, 07 - I haven't even swatched yet.

I've finally come to the conclusion that yes, I am a KAL addict. I love knitting lace AND I love the mystery of what it is going to look like. I love being part of a world wide movement. We do have plans of taking over the world you know SIX EXCLAMAtION POINtS.

My other knitting is just going to have to understand. It is just who I am. And by golly, if they can't deal with it well, you know what I say? FROG It MULiPLE EXCLAMAtION POINtS.

I hereby vow, I will spread the word to all those far and wide, North, South, East and West. I will be a voice for all KALs I come across and do solemnly swear to make every attempt to proselytize thus making KAL converts every where my blog can be read. Amen and Amen.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the time for me to run away screaming before I too catch the KAL virus.
No, I like reading your blog way too much. Perhaps we could invent a KAL vaccine? I know mine... kid socks. I'm all about the instant gratification.
Can I knit vicariously through you?

Opal said...

The question is are you giving your exclamation points fair wages and fair hours. Or did they just get the idea from the writer's and Broadway stagehands?

Suzanne said...

Peggy, YOU are the reason I am in so many KALs! I find out about them from YOU..... And I THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for them! (capital envy) ;>)

Gail R said...

The misc. caps and symbols are in sympathy with the screenwriters on strike. You must perform a Jay Leno and supply them with an abundant supply of doughnuts before they will return to occupy your typewriter.

I'm with you on the KAL's. Although I did drop SotS as it isn't working out to be appealing to me (for ownership) but I do admire others works.

You enabled me on the second KAL that the creator of SoC is holding so I ran off to join that one too. Your vow is working..........

Roseann said...

Thank you for conveniently listing all your KALs in one place, making it much easier for me to join them. You are a trooper for keeping up like you do. I will be admiring all the knitting and see if I can get one of them started.

Joanne said...

Ahh. I can hold out. I am not being sucked into a KAL of any kind. Why? I have enough deadline-ish things going on. More than enough. In fact, if I don't knit at all today, or tomorrow, nothing will happen, because I have de-linked my knitting deadline world from everything else!! And it is very good. Way good. Maybe you just need deadlines elsewhere in life?!! (still got my punctuation, thank goodness!)

June said...

I love to join them too! I just don't always start knitting until I see the pattern! Not enough time in my day - you know? Off to see what other KAL I can join now! And this one's for you - !

Tabitha said...

Your a MAD woman!!!!!

m.o.M. said...

I think I'm going to quit reading your blog! I just signed up for the two I'm missing.

You're like the pusher's pusher!

Pam said...

Oh dear Peggy. I have exactly the same problem you are having dang maybe we should start our own KAL knitters anonymous for people like us. I am in all the same groups as you are. I'm about 1/2 way through SOtS clue 6. still working on clue 1 of SOC. still working on clue 1 chart B of mystic water and dang. I have a tone of Christmas knitting that I have to get my but in gear on before I run out of time but I am so hooked on these KAL's that I just can't stop. What's a gal to do????

Kay Karen said...

Aargh!!! I've got the virus, don't want a vaccine, either. I didn't know about the Fisherman's Wife, but as soon as I read about it here, I signed up. Now, school needs to get to a big break so I can devote some serious time to catching up on all the KALs! Thanks for posting about FW, & I enjoy your blog.