Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Status Report

Well, I fell short of my ambitious agenda for today. There were some things that kinda got in the way. My boys were both off today and they like to pop into the kitchen for a wee bit of chat, this greatly slows down the lace knitting, if not bringing it to a screeching halt. I had to go to my LYS to pick up some yarn to ship to my friend in Norway, Heidi. Ya can't just go in and get what you came for ya know. It isn't like picking up a gallon of milk. The whole dang staff leap for joy when they see me coming. "Peggy, did you see this? Look what so-and-so is knitting with this. Isn't this heavenly?" It isn't that I'm so popular. I think you know the reason they love me so. :) My hairdresser has been on maternity leave and today was the day she could give me some color, actually cover up the silver that is besetting me. I did get quite a bit done on the sock there though. So, the goal wasn't completely met but that is okay, there is always tomorrow. Think happy thoughts.

Today's Schedule Was:

  • Get the remaining 16 (counting RS & WS) rows of Mystic Waters completed, ready for Clue 6 on Wednesday. Completaruno

  • Finish the one sock and cast on the other. Need about 1/2" before I start the toe.

  • Knit the additional two inches of the Tomten, separate the sections and get started on the fronts and back. Nada!!! But I did get The Opinionated Knitter today.

  • Get all the house work done that I didn't do today. Dream on!!!!!

  • AND cast on a scarf. Noppie, but I did get the yarn.

Tomorrow's Plan of Action:

  • Finish sock and cast on the other.

  • Get the armholes going on the Tomten.

  • Cast on the scarf.

  • Begin Clue 6 of Mystic Waters.

  • Grocery shopping, UGH!!!!!

  • Clean???????

Mystic Waters Clue 5:

The gorgeous Malabrigo worsted weight in Pagoda I picked up for said scarf and enough for a hat as well.

I'll check in tomorrow. :)


Opal said...

I think you made some good progress! Especially considering the chaos of two boys running amok in the house. :)

Alpaca Granny said...

'morning, Peggy, haven't visited in a while. Maybe you need to do what I'm trying to do with my hair. Let that gray come out...yipes, I'm at that horrible stage.
I'm going up to my yarn shop this a.m. for an informal knitting group. Isn't it nice to be welcomed so generously?

Tabitha said...

Mystic Waters is looking lovely!!! I think your progress will be better today. It's hard to do anything with the kids around, and no matter how old, you know they can never have enough of momma's attention! Little stinkers! I love the yarn color too!

Toni said...

Just think, if we really approached knitting with a realistic expectation of how long it honestly takes to make something, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun. Far less expensive probably, but far less fun...

Gail R said...

Hi Peggy,
Your work looks great - and love the new yarn for the scarf.

banshee@beadingbanshee.com said...

Your Mystic Waters looks great! I wish I was farther along with mine, but life and Christmas gifts is impeding progress at the moment!


Roseann said...

What a nicely organized to-do list, I am learning so much from you. I love your new yarn and Mystic Waters, I think it is my favorite of your KALs.

Valerie said...

Hey There! Thank you for everything in my package! I really appreciate it. I just got back from MS so I am going to take pictures and post it tomorrow. =)

CraftyGryphon said...

Wow, Mystic Waters is lovely. Can't wait to see your finished item! (Well, actually, I *can* wait - I don't want to pressure you!)

My lists-to-do never quite work out, somehow. I think I have unrealistic notions of how long an "hour" is and how long it takes me to knit 200 stitches in a complicated lace pattern (with beads)!

Anonymous said...

Any progress is good progress!
That new pink yarn is lucious.