Monday, November 26, 2007

Doable? You Darn Tootin!!!!!!

I've been trying to ignore the fact that Christmas is quickly coming closer. I was being somewhat successful but then everyone on my "Daily Haunts" blog reading list has been talking about their Christmas knitting queue. Well, not everyone, but enough of them have. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I was just trying to thwart off the pressure and anxiety procrastination brings. But alas, the time has come to face the drum.

I read on the Yarn Harlot's blog that she has a friend who organizes all the Christmas knitting she, the Harlot, needs to accomplish with the amount of time left between now and Christmas into a knitting plan. I thought hey, that's what I need, except for the fact I don't even know what all I want to knit or for who. I give my sisters socks and I think I only have one pair to go on those. I dream of matching scarves, hats and mittens, fingerless gloves, throws and satchels. Why in the name of all goodness, honesty and world peace did I fiddle fart around?

Anyways, I decided that it is ALL doable. I just need a little direction. So, today my schedule called for:
  • Sara wants to give her Mother-In-Law, Ann, a pair of socks for Christmas. Sara doesn't know how to knit socks. Enters SUPERMOM. I was to get the first sock done to the turning of the heel. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!
  • I lack five inches from being at the under-arm of Aaron's Tomten. Goal - get five inches finished today so I'll be ready to split it up and continue with the front and back. I have three inches completed. I might finish tonight.
  • Get 10 rows completed on the Mystic Waters Shawl KAL. Zilch.
  • Get the living room all cleaned, swept and mopped. Still filthy.
  • Get Emma's room organized and straightened, along with the guest bedroom. Do I really need to say anything?

Okay, I didn't reach each goal, but I did make progress. Plus, I have been freezing all day. The wind has been whipping, the sky totally covered, rain falling and we keep our thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing!!!! The temperature slows the knitting down as does having to keep hot beverages going. Another issue, it gets dark, not dusk, we are talking dark by 5-5:30 here. It will be 6:00 pm and ya think it is surely 11:00 pm. It works on the ole psyche. And Monday is David's day off. How am I supposed to work when he is laying around goofing off? Really!!!!

Tomorrow's schedule is (schedule is pronounced shedual in this instance):

  • Get the remaining 16 (counting RS & WS) rows of Mystic Waters completed, ready for Clue 6 on Wednesday.
  • Finish the one sock and cast on the other.
  • Knit the additional two inches of the Tomten, separate the sections and get started on the fronts and back. If I don't get them finished tonight.
  • Get all the house work done that I didn't do today.
  • AND, cast on a scarf.

This is the beginning of the socks. I'm calling them the Vineyard Socks because the yarn makes me think of the various color stages of grapes. I'm so creative!!!!!

Think only happy thoughts my way. Happy thoughts only please. We can do it. Last week when we went up to see Emma's Thanksgiving Program at her school, afterward we went to her house. While Sara and I were showing Tabby Sara's wedding pictures David was chasing Emma and her little sister, Ava, acting like a monster. Ava, 3, came over and said "We have to save Emma from de monsta, de monsta gonna get Emma, come on we can do it if we wurk togeder." We can do it IF we work together. Happy thoughts.


Sonya said...

Whoo those are big lists. I hope you are able to get alot done.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Tim Gunn, from Project Runway...Make it work!!! I have faith in ya :)

Tabitha said...

In the words of Tim Gunn, from Project Runway...Make it work!!! I have faith in ya :)

Opal said...

Christmas has snuck up on me this year. I haven't even received the yarn I need to make my gifts! Tabitha is right. We need to make it work!

Anonymous said...

Oof, I'm so behind on my blog reading!

Yes! you can do it! get your needles to work together!