Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Think I'm Stupid......

I can't say I feel I accomplished a lot today but, take a look-see:

Today's Plan:

  • Finish Vineyard Sock and cast on the other. Got it!!!
  • Get the armholes going on the Tomten. Story to follow.
  • Cast on the scarf. Check it out!!!
  • Begin Clue 6 of Mystic Waters. Yes sireee
  • Grocery shopping, UGH!!!!! Bluck........... yes.
  • Clean??????? Enough to look like I did something.

Not bad huh? I gotta couple of stories to tell ya. First, when I started Aaron's Tomten, way back sometime ago. I had someone else's copy of Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman that I have subsequently returned. Now, I can't say for sure but I don't think what I'm about to tell ya was mentioned in that book. So back in the beginning, I checked in with Brooklyntweed and found out what his measurements, gauge and such were and I set out like a bat out of ______. I think you get the picture. Now, I know I try to act like everything is cool, that I don't really sweat details and such. The truf of da matta is a huge deal to me....HUGE. I like things done right. I was telling my friend, Peggy in Oregon , that I think a reason that I act so layed back is, well...... they put you in prison for things like that so I chose to take a chill pill. I find it difficult to be so forgiving for myself when I make mistakes or do something stupid.

Okay, so, I went off half-cocked. I cast on and knitted, knitted and knitted. I mean really, how hard can garter stitch be? Well.......I sent off an order to Knit Picks and one of the things I ordered was The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I received my order last night so I thought when I went to bed I'd read up on the Tomten so I'd be ready to start the armholes today. Well, frickin, fraggin, funnel cakes!!!! In this book she talks about working "short ridges" "to give a good shape to the back." So, am I going to just forget about it and act like I never saw that. Utilize the knitters "change of design" excuse, I mean improvement method? I mean, will it really make a difference? Or do I frog the stupid thing and start over? I don't know. But, that is why I haven't gotten more done on the Tomten. I'm in a fix of a fit.

The other story is, I think I'm stupid. When the children were little Nanny would get their Christmas presents and from Thanksgiving on, just about every time the kids were visiting they would find a toy she had "hidden." Hidden to her was stuck under the coach in the tv room where they were playing on the floor. Or on the bed in the extra bedroom, right off of the kitchen. I know she did it on purpose, but she swears she didn't. She was stupid. I wasn't going to mention or show pictures of the scarf that I'm making for Sara because I know she reads my blog from time to time. That really makes me happy by the way. Thanks Sissy!!!!! So, no biggee. However, I did put a picture and info on my Ravelry site entitled "Sara's Canterbury Memories Scarf." Who knew she would pop in this evening? I was busy making vegetable soup and noticed she was very interested in the monitor. It still didn't register until she said, "So, you're making me a scarf?" I even had the scarf in progress sitting here on the bar but I didn't worry about that because, I have lots of knitting laying here and there, she would never know what it was or who it was for. And that plan would have worked.......if I weren't stupid.

Progress in Pictures:

Printed Clue 6, colored the little squares and put in a lifeline.

Finished one sock and cast on the second.

Cast on and made some progress on SARA'S "Canterbury Memories Scarf." I love this yarn!!!!! I want more!!!!! I want a lot more!!!!! I want to marry it!!!!!!

Tomorrows Plan:

  • Complete 8 rows (RS & WS) on Mystic Waters.
  • Get 5 more repeats on Sara's scarf done.
  • Get 2nd sock done down ready to start the heel flap
  • Finish first sock of the Spring Socks
  • Torch and burn the Tomten (with Aaron in it)

A picture of two of our babies. They look kinda demonic, but so does everyone else in this house. Particularly me when I look at the ____________ you know what!!!! Katie Scarlet & Roegun.


Anonymous said...

Short rows will improve the fit, but they are not necessary!! Do one now and one right before you split off for the armpits and it will be just fine.

...Knit on through all crises...

I love the socks, they look like springtime to me. And I'm already ready for it. Dark at 4:30 is driving me bananas!

Opal said...

I am continually amazed at how much you get done in a day. You're my superhero. :-D

sharon said...

that is so funny - I'm sitting here doing the same thing.
I could do the dishes and fold the laundry, but then I wouldn't finish that sweet little bootie and...
I know I will not finish the dishes tonight and well, may be sleeping on the couch.