Monday, July 30, 2007

Sockamaniacsocknitters July/August Swap

My July/August Sockamaniac Socknitters Swap package arrived today. My swap partner is Mary from Missouri. She really went all out and sent me some wonderful things. Thanks Mary I love it all.

Enclosed were: A beautiful hot pink silk bag, stickie notes, a writing tablet and pencil, a row counter, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, 2 wonderful candles, stitch markers, an adorable sock pattern, 3.8 oz Rambouillette/Suffolk batts, four cream colored 25 gram balls of Peruvian Baby Silk from Elann (80% baby alpaca/20% silk), and a skein of really pretty purple sock yarn.

The Rambouillette/Suffolk will be enough to spin up and knit into a pair of socks. I haven't spun this type of fiber before so that makes it an extra treat.

I really need to find a way to get away maybe for, I don't know, a year or two maybe? Maybe then I could get all the knitting and spinning done I want to. Probably if I stayed away from the computer and yarn stores I would get a lot more accomplished. But, I find so much inspiration in cyber-land. I could never stop. Probably why so many out there have even larger stashes than I do.


Roseann said...

What beautiful gifts you received! It is all so pretty and I can't wait to see them transformed into yarn and more. I find your blog very inspiring and truly enjoy seeing your projects in progress.

Tabitha said...

Awesome goodies! I like the purple!

I can't email anyone for some silly reason, but I can receive emails just to let ya know. I made the cobbler and it turned out yummy this time!!