Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Patience is a Virtue??????

Much to my disappointment, my new baby will not be here until the first week of March. The stateside distributor, New Voyager Trading Company, is waiting on a shipment from the Kromski family. One of the reasons I picked this wheel was the fact that it isn't made in mass production. You can go to the New Voyager Trading Company website and get the history, it is pretty cool. Deals with communism in Poland and the struggle of the Kromski family.

Anyways, there are three better things that will come of this. (It has to be better cuz it is already good) 1) I'll get some more knitting completed while waiting on her, 2) It will give my roving and stuff I've ordered time to get here to be waiting with me (I guess I can sit and hold the wool and pretend), 3) Sharon at Bubbie's Farm, where I bought the wheel (she has been absolutely awesome) is going to send me more goodies on top of the goodies she gave me with the purchase of the wheel!!!! I love goodies!!!!!

Yeah, well, I guess there is a fourth "better" thing to come out of this. I'll gain more patience? Yeah, as if!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel Peggy! I got a great deal on an Ashford Country Spinner just before Christmas - but due to circumstances beyond my control I didn't get my mitts on it until the New Year. I was nearly out of my tree with excitement and anticipation!!
I quite like your idea of sitting and holding your roving and pretending - works for me!
Have fun with your new 'baby' when it arrives :-)