Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spinning People Are Sooooooooo Nice!!!!

Spinning people are so nice. If you feel otherwise, keep it to yourself, I like my illusion. Last week Jenny, a woman on one of the spinning groups I belong to, sent in a post stating that she had an extra drive band (like a fan belt) for a wheel just like the ONE I AM WAITING ON. With the majority of wheels (maybe all) you can either use a poly band or twine as a drive band. She had ordered the poly band for her Polonaise but didn't like it so she said she would mail it to the first person that emailed her asking for it. I emailed her first (ya) and won it. Yesterday I received a little poochy pouch in the mail. When I opened it the drive band was right there and then wrapped in tissue paper was some really pretty blended fiber. I contacted her and this is what she said it was "it's a mix of angelina fiber, corriedale wool, merino, silk, and angora from my bunny." I can't wait to spin it. This picture doesn't really show the proper colors. It is more coral with just a little fuchsia.

Jenny also said her husband, being an engineer, insisted on helping her pick out a wheel and of those they looked at he like the construction and looks of the Kromski Polonaise. :)

But see what I mean, people who spin are so helpful and giving. I have gained so much knowledge and assistance from practically all the spinners I have met. However, I guess another way of looking at it could be: Maybe it is kinda like a "misery loves company" but instead it is "addicts love company?" We, spinners and knitters alike, feel validated if we can increase our numbers. And there is always the hope that the next knitter or spinner's stash will be larger than mine and I can go away saying, "I thank you Lord that I am not like him/her!!!!!"

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