Tuesday, February 6, 2007

February Resolution

Okay, my February resolution is -- finish one project before I start another. Okay, let me change that -- finish one project while starting another. A little more doable I think. Last week I felt kinda bad showing the Knitting With Ewe group ALL my unfinished projects. Actually it was only some, I have many more. There are just so many wonderful skeins of yarn out there and sooooooooo many beautiful patterns. It it their fault -- what's a knitter (yarn addict) supposed to do? And of course, now I'm getting into spinning, oh brother!!!!!
So following my resolution I did finish a sweater I had started a couple of years ago. It is made of an acrylic yarn. Now that it is finished I'm not quite sure what I had in mind. Sara said I look like a Yettie when I wear it. Personally I think I look like something that climbed out of my dryer vent. But I made it therefore I will wear it. Below is a close up of the yarn.

And sticking with my resolution, I started a new project. Socks. These are for ME!!!!! I didn't start knitting socks until two years ago. Since then I don't even know how many pairs I have knitted but I only own one pair. So I am very excited!!!!! I think I'm going to have to get me some clogs so I can show 'em off better. These are called "Retro Rib" from a pattern I got out of Interweave Knits - Winter 2004. I love knitting socks, they are so quick. Anyways, here they are in production.

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