Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bowl (Super Knitter) Party

Last night my husband, David, and I went to a Super Bowl party our "Raising the Quality of Life" class had. We met at some wonderful friends absolutely beautiful home. I like sports and typically I sit in and watch the game. I, being the dedicated (obsessed) knitter that I am, I of course took my knitting. However, right before I walked out the door a thought occurred to me, " Why not take several skeins of yarn and several sets of needles just "in case" someone wants to learn how to knit." Am I ever glad I did. As soon as I got my knitting out I had several questions about what it was (socks), when and where did I learn to knit......then the all important statement was made by someone..."I always thought it would be neat to learn that." That is all it took. I whipped out the materials and off we went. Fortunately there was a teenager, Kathleen, who learned to knit this past year present as well. She was able to assist me with the challenges (problems) the newbie knitters encountered. It was soooooo much fun. I'm not saying I am a good teacher but it brings me so much joy to expose someone to a new skill/craft/art and see them grow and run with it. Not sure if the sponsors of the Super Bowl had this in mind or not but due to the opportunity they gave us all to get together, 5 new knitters were birthed last night!!!!!


June said...

Hey! I know exactly what you mean! :) I love showing other people new and exciting things to do with their craft!

Sandy said...

Wish I had been there!