Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stuff, Stuff and Stuff

Wow, I can't believe it has been over a week since I last posted a post (?). :) So let's see. A lot has happened since last week, I think. Have you ever had someone ask, "What did you do today?", or, "Now that you aren't working, what do you do with your time?"? I really hate those questions. #1. I have to stop, think and actually become accountable for my time :) #2 I have to stop and think. #3 Often times, depending on your relationship, they wouldn't understand anyway.

For example, "Hey Peggy, what did you do today?" "Well, I drank about a pot of coffee to get me ready for my busy day and being the double and triple tasker that I am, while drinking my coffee I also managed to watch the morning news, answer email and surf the web. I then washed and plucked my face (uni-brow, upper lip and foot-longer growing out of the mole). Made the bed and rearranged the clutter on the kitchen table and bar. That takes up the greater part of the morning. During all this time I'm taking dogs in and out as well. After figuring out what I wanted for lunch I began focusing on the really important stuff. What project am I going to conquer today? Do I want to work at completing one or do I want to re-assess my yarn stash and pattern library for either a new project or a future one?" Oh yeah, I decided if it is old yarn, yarn you already have, it isn't really a new project. "Decisions, decisions. But then I couldn't decide if knitting was the task of the day or if I needed to work on my spinning. I then decided I needed to surf the web and see if the price of a new spinning wheel had gone down from yesterday. It hadn't so I set to brainstorming as to how I could come up with the money for the purchase. I do have a b-day (50) and wedding anniversary (30) coming up in April. Is there some way I could cash in on those today? Or maybe I could set up a bucket at the local convenient stores. I could put a picture of me trying to spin on my present, dilapidated wheel with a caption saying something about closing local sweatshops. (If you saw me attempting to spin on that wheel you would understand). But then I remembered one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people of all time. "I'll think about that tomorrow, if I think about it today I'll go crazy.....after all tomorrow is another day" Scarlet O'Hara. By that time it was time to fix supper. David came home. We watched TV (usually Fox News or 24). I knitted and began planning my schedule for the next day. Whoa, I am so ready for bed, this has really been one of those days. " See what I mean, some people just wouldn't understand.
Anyways, last Saturday I went to June's house, the lady that is helping me with spinning. I got to see all her wonderful fleeces and roving. And her TWO wonderful spinning wheels. She let me try one of 'em and it was wonderful. A huge difference from my wheel. She said I am doing quite well, particularly with the wheel I have to work with. She also gave me some roving. I can't wait to spin it!!!!! The yarns that she has spun are so beautiful. You can see some of them at Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day talking (emailing) the maker of my spinning wheel, Louet. Their main headquarters is in The Netherlands. I was dealing with the North American Department. Anyways, we went back and forth discussing what I need to get my wheel up to speed. I think we have a plan that will work. I still want and will have a new wheel though. I'll keep you posted as to the progress.. In the meantime, if you see my jug at your local convenient store just drop in your change or check, you spell hundred H-U-N-D-R-E-D. Your donation and support will go to a good cause and will be much appreciated. :)

To the right is my first attempt at spinning. Not great but not too awfully bad either. Practice, practice, practice.

This is some Border Leicester (the type of sheep) roving I purchased on-line. Hopefully the next time you see it it will be in a lovely yarn form.
We had Emma Belle this past weekend (Thursday-Tuesday), so much of my time during those days was taken up. She is so sweet. One day while I was rearranging the clutter I decided to make coffee when Emma asked me to get something for her, I told her I would just let me finish making the coffee, she said, "Oh, poor work all the time!" Preach it sister!!!!!!

I did finish a scarf. It is a beautiful multi-colored ribbon yarn of. Last night I went to a knitting group that June invited me to. It was lots of fun. These ladies are some really great knitters with some neat projects they are working on. Socks, scarfs, nifty little cotton bags with a drawstring that you put your leftover soap slivers in for further use and some gorgeous sweaters. It was really inspirational.



Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hi Peggy,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm visiting yours to let you know I raise Shetland sheep. The photo you liked is of Valentine, a coming two-year-old ewe. She is wonderful, but I haven't met very many Shetlands who aren't personable. And their fleece is wonderful, too!

robert swayze said...

Hey nice post...and thanks for sharing the photos...they look great...well i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Inspirational quotes and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!