Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Well today started out great and is just getting better and better!!!!! First off I awoke to snow, not only snow already on the ground but snow falling out of the sky.

Then, this is probably the most exciting part. I'M GETTING A NEW SPINNING WHEEL!!!! I did my figuring, what I'll get for my B-day, what I'll make cleaning houses, etc., presented my proposal to David and he said go ahead with it!!!!!! Here is a picture:

She is a Kromski Polonaise!!!!! Isn't she beautiful??? I got her from a wonderful website.

And it is still snowing!!!!! Happy, happy, happy day!!!!! Last night I promised my family if it did snow I would make a homemade chicken pot pie (thought that would get their prayers involved :) ) So I'm off a singin and a cookin!!!!

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