Saturday, July 28, 2007

Found A New Home

After much thought I decided to find Zippee and Zappee a new home. With all I have to take care of around here I really felt that I was neglecting them. I was so thrilled to find out that one of RoLynn's wonderful daughter's, Mackenzie, dream was to own some bunnies. RoLynn's husband picked the bunnies up early this morning and took them to their new home. They were able to keep this a secret from Mackenzie until he pulled up and they opened the van. The first picture is her sweet little face when she first saw the bunnies. The other photos show just how neglected these little babies are going to be. It makes me extremely happy to see such joy.

Hopefully they will continue to be blessing my name in the up coming weeks and not cursing me. :)


Marmee said...

Mackenzie slept with her bunnies last night! At least, she slept right beside the cages on the couch!
Today is her dreaded day, as the bunnies go out to an air-conditioned workshop....poor little things. Hate to do it, but the angora is mixing with the sheetrock dust right now...LOL

June said...

Oh wow, Peggy! I am sorry you had to find them new homes. . . but, I know they will be loved at Mackenzie's home too!

Tabitha said...

Oh bummer, but I'm sure they will be happy in their new home, and it's great you made Mackenzie's dream come true!