Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tour de Fleece Update

Tour de Fleece Update: I've gotten a little spinning done over the last couple days. Here is a picture of some multi-colored coral stuff that was thrown in with an order of some sort of luxury stuff I ordered from my favorite place that I order from. :) I think it is probably merino, but not totally sure. It turned out okay. I'm not real thrilled with my spinning. I don't think I am progressing much. But I am fairly happy with the plying. This is only the second time I used the chain plying method aka Navajo plying.

The next thing in my spinning queue, or the thing that just got bumped up to the front of the line, are the beautiful batts I received from Abby for July's Batt Club. She has a great tutorial on how to spin batts. I've looked at it and read it several times. Hopefully I will have success.

I've also gotten some knitting on the MS3 accomplished. I should have a picture in a day or so. I'm almost finished with the last clue we received last week, clue 4. This Friday not only will we receive clue 5 but the theme will also be revealed. I'm really excited about that.


spininmamma3 said...

I think your spinning looks great- especially for having been spinning 4 months!! It looks much better than any of my chain plied yarns- ever!!! Patience and more patience- hard as it is. Keep it up!

Deb R said...

Your spinning looks great!! Enjoy! I love the colors and the yarns look ready for a lovely knitting or weaving project! Love to see your progress! Deb R

Tabitha said...

Your spinning looks great and the coral colors are very pretty! What will you knit with it?

Heidi Kim said...

Hi Peggy.

Don't be so strict with yourself, I think you spinning are looking great :o)

Ashley said...

Beautiful yarn, beautiful fiber! I bet you can't wait to spin it all up! There's never enough :) The URL for the Sock Wizard software is
It's really neat and I hope that these socks fit him by Christmas! LOL
Miss you!

Sheena said...

Your spinning looks great to me!!
I'll tell you what my spinning teacher told me when I was not happy with my yarn. "you can buy smooth even yarn anywhere, like Walmart." This handspun stuff has character.

Peggy said...

That coral-y pink is beautiful! And the batts looks luscious. For being a newish spinner your work looks great!