Thursday, July 19, 2007


Friday, July 20th, at midnight the new Harry Potter book goes up for sale. I am so looking forward to it!!!! However, I am extremely concerned. Extremely!!!!! I don't know if you guys keep up with the news or not. Yesterday while sitting here at my "blog bar" in the kitchen drinking my morning elixir, coffee. Right there on the morning news they stated that someone, somewhere, had gotten hold of a copy of "Deathly Hallows," and had posted the pages that tells who dies. It was only up on the Internet for a couple hours, but HEY, that is like a zillionth of a second too long!!!!!

This is the issue. I got to thinking. That is an issue all to itself, me thinking. I mean, I am a thinker but I usually act and then I think. Back to the issue. I think I am going to have to lock myself up in my bedroom. No cable, no phone and no talking to anyone. Not even family, you never know when they will decide to stab you in the back or attempt to ruin your life forever. Yeah, well, that may be taking it a bit too far. But, what if someone knows what happens in the book? They know who dies and they let it slip? So absolutely no contact with the outside world until I get the book and finish reading it. Yeah, that'll work. Complete isolation.

But, tomorrow night is the Barnes & Noble Harry Potter party. I HAVE to go to that. What if while I'm meandering around the store, calmly knitting my little sockies I overhear someone talking about the plot. Or what if just at the last minute. At midnight, when the book actually goes on sale and I'm happily standing in line awaiting for my turn to purchase my copy and someone behind me or in front of me goes into some kind of trance and spills the beans? Can you see what is at issue here? Sara said I could wear her noise blocking headphones she uses while on the treadmill. That is a thought, but, well................vanity, vanity.

I've thought and thought and I cannot come up with a secure answer for this dilemma. If I can protect myself from any leakage until I get the book and get in the van I should be okay. Then I can rush home, lock myself in an empty bedroom and read, read, read. If I allow myself to be exposed to the outside world before I have completely finished the book I will be at a high risk of exposure. I cannot, and WILL NOT put myself through that kind of torture. You may want to consider your options as well. Think about it, I mean really think about what is at stake here.

Why? Why, oh why didn't I build that bomb shelter? It would have been perfect!!!!

I've had several asking about my bunnies, Zippee and Zappee. They have grown so much. I really like Zippee's hairstyle. She is the brown one. They both could do with a little grooming right now.


T said...

Oh, the horror of it all! How can you continue to function in the land of the Muggles with such a dire event just waiting to befall you?

I think I'd wear earplugs. The little foam disposable ones you can get at pretty much any store that has Wal or Aid or Mart in the name... That way, you can still hear enough not to lose your equilibrium but still have enough filtered so that the risk of a life-altering event is avoided.

And if anyone says anything directly to you and you don't quite hear them, you can always put on a mysterious smile, raise your eyebrows, give a slight nod and glide away... (except, of course the checkout person at Barnes & Noble!)

June said...

Wow, Peggy, honey, I am getting concerned about you! The rest of us muggles will try really really hard not to distrupt your reading time!

Zippy and Zappy are the best! Love the fiber critter's doncha know!

Joanne said...

AHHH! The angst! The tensions! the Horror! I even read the NY Times' review of the book. Don't worry--I still have no idea what didn't leak much. The professor's emailed me his predictions, and we'll see if they come true. Since I'll have to wait in line until after he's read the book (he ordered it, don'tcha know) I'll probably be told all the details anyhow. Good thing I like literature for ITS OWN SAKE. Or something. :)

Cute rabbits, of course. You know what Harry and Sally would think, right? MMmmmh. lunch.

Anonymous said...

But JK Rowling already spilt on her blog!! The giant squid is an animagus who comes up to save the day!!
But seriously, repeat that to anyone trying ruin your evening. And I am now utterly grateful I ordered off Amazon and get delivery straight here and no other HP readers in the house!

Abby Franquemont said...

See, now in a perfect world, Peggy, I'd be able to send my son off with you to the party. I promise I'd reciprocate and take your kids to, uh, something you didn't feel like doing. ;-)

Honestly, I have NO problem with Pottermania. I'm just at my saturation point after 9-year-old obsession levels. *grin*

Tabitha said...

Surely, no one would spoil the surprise especially if they are there getting the book themselves. Okay, maybe I'm giving people too much credit. I say tap or smack them with your wooden magic wand! :) That'll teach 'em!
Zippee and Zappee are soooooo adorable!!!!!