Monday, July 2, 2007

Sockamaniacsocknitters June Swap

I signed up for the Sockamaniacsocknitters June Sock Swap. We had a theme of "Wild & Crazy." It has been lots of fun. My swap partner was Rose from Colorado. It was really kinda crazy due to the fact we have so much in common. We've both been married around 30 years and our children are about the same age, plus we both have yorkies!!! We live in a WILD & CRAZY world, let me tell you!!!!!

Anyways, my swap package from Rose arrived in this morning's mail. She sent some awesome stuff: "Spiced Up Socks" pattern booklet, "The Urban Knitter" by Lily M. Chin, some adorable Yorkie notecards, some really cute knitter note cards, "A Knitter's Design Journal" from Stitch'N Bitch (how did she know that was my specialty?), a florescent orange ink pen, a really beautiful inspirational magnet, a little 50 piece Yorkie puzzle, some cute little "knit" and "purl" stitch markers, some gorgeous, wonderfully dyed 100% Merino sock yarn and a coordinating funky yarn for the cuff, plus an adorable gift bag.

She went totally overboard with this swap. What fun. You should join the Sockamaniacsocknitters group and get hooked up for the next swap.

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Ashley said...

Wow! It looks like you really made out like a bandit here! What fun!