Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lazy Days Of Summer

Yesterday, July 2nd, was such a lovely day. Here in Southern Kentucky the humidity has gone down considerably. If you know anything about Kentucky in the summer, it is HUUUUUMID. However, this year has been kindly strange. (Yeah, yeah, global warming.......I don't know, whatever.)

Mondays are always David's day off and I think yesterday may have been one of the best days off we've had in a while. We had nothing we "had" to do. Oh, well, you know, there are always things you "have" to do. But the things we "had" to do were things that we really didn't "have" to do. ????????

David isn't allowed to use the mower. Long story I'll have to tell you sometime. Suffice it to say it has something to do with someone cutting down a pear tree and then attempting to stick the tree back in the ground to make it look like the tree was still there. I know what happened folks, I was watching from my kitchen window. Anyways, he is not allowed to use the mower and I wanted to go check out a couple things down by the woods so I gave David a ride on the front deck (the mowing apparatus was not engaged, don't get your panties in a wad. Do ya think I'm stupid? He doesn't have that much life insurance. And although orange is one of my favorite colors, I don't want to wear it every day. Do they allow knitting and spinning in the pokey?).

We got some blackberry pickin done as well. I'm going back today, hopefully with reinforcements (Jordan & his girlfriend, Jacque). I made a cobbler last night, which was really yummy. Lot's of butter. With the others I am hoping to make up some Blackberry Brandy Jam, a recipe I got from Joanne. Sounds, oh, I don't know.....intoxicating?

Alas!!!! I got some more knitting accomplished on the Jaywalkers. This yarn is some I mentioned in a previous post that Heidi sent me from Norway. I really like the way the pattern falls when knitted up. I call this one avocado because if you really look at all the colors it looks like all the various color changes avocados go through between being too green to eat to "Wow, it is time to throw out that guacamole." It is going quite well. I believe these are going to be (whispering the name) socks. Sshhhhhhhhhh.

Oh yeah, we floated around the pool a lot as well. I gotta come up with a way to float and knit at the same time!!!!!!


Tabitha said...

Yum, those blackberries look delicious!!!
The sock looks awesome!
And ya know, I have heard of a lady knitting while swimming. She said she was just blocking her project early :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds so perfect. Blackberry cobbler, YUM. Blackberries are still greenish red around here- we won't get cobbler until August. I'm hoping last year's jelly holds out...

The jaywalker looks like a wonderfully well-disciplined sock. The yarn is very pretty!

Marmee said...

I think your whole post has made me hungry...blackberries, guacamole....
I love the socks, I love the yarn and I am kinda fond of the knitter!!
Keep up the good work!!