Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, after joining the MS3 group, I stopped by my LYS and picked up some lovely yarn by Dawn, it is 50% NZ wool and 50% silk. I really wanted black so I ordered some gorgeous 100% alpaca from Knit Picks. I figured maybe I'd make two. :) The mystery theme calls for black or white or a derivation thereof. Initially I haven't been that pleased with the Dawn, but as I worked the swatch I started liking it more and more. With this shawl I am using black glass 8/0 beads. I drove all over town, well to Walmart and Hobby Lobby, looking for a size 13 crochet hook to use while placing the beads over the various stitches. After many starts and ripping outs I finally got it going well enough that I am pleased. This is my first attempt at lace and beads. I know it doesn't look like the work of those accustomed to knitting lace, but, ya gotta start somewhere and I figured I'll get better with practice. (Notice that I centered this photo because it doesn't allow you to enlarge it, therefore you can't really see if it is a pathetic example of lace knitting or not. I have a very fragile knitting ego!!!) (Not really, silly willy!!!!) (Well, maybe)
Last post I listed some of my WIPs (works in progress). This is one of them. It is a felted satchel by Fiber Trends. Bright huh? I think I posted on this before, but, what the heck!!!! When finished and felted this one will be 24" wide and 15" deep. Nice and big for my many WIPs.

Finally some pictures taken of Emma Belle yesterday when Sara and Matthew took her down to the pond for some fishing. They said they saw a huge fish, even Sara & Matthew said so. However, Emma said it was a big as her daddy. She did recant that later showing it to be about 15" which Matthew agreed it was at least that size.


Tabitha said...

Your satchel looks awesome, can't wait to see it felted!!
:( My little girl looks so grown up in those pictures. I can't believe she will be starting school soon. What will we do? :)

Susie said...

Beautiful yarn you are using for the MS3 - I can almost reach through the screen and pat it! I really like the satchel, too - felting is magic, isn't it? Sorry you couldn't leave a comment at the KnitFarm - should be no verification, just posting, but who knows? LOL

Anonymous said...

Miss Emma is so cute!
I think the lace looks great. The yarn looks so soft and beautiful. I'll answer your email soon!! Real life has overtaken me!

Marmee said...

Your mind is absolutely amazing! I am always intrigued to see what you do or say next. I can't seem to get enough of you...does that mean I am addicted? LOL Your projects and your ideas are outstanding and I am in awe!! Keep up all that awesomeness!!

Cindy said...

Bowling Green, KY! Wow! I lived there for almost 30 years and still come back to visit often. Do you knit with the Tuesday night group at B&N? I really miss those girls. Jennifer and I have been friends for a long, long time.

You can check me out at www.fitterknitter.livejournal.com

I'm doing tour de fleece and I'm thinking about MS3.

Cindy said...

One more thing — your Fiber Trends bag. I knitted that when I was living in BG. I bought the yarn at Crafty Hands. You can see it on my professional site:

Ashley said...

Your lace is looking beautiful! I am looking for a stole pattern for myself at the moment and all those lace patterns are so tempting! You've seen my queue, that stole is NOT what I should be thinking about right now, LOL!