Thursday, July 5, 2007

So, What's New?

I'm glad you asked. Man oh man there's all kinds of things going on new. Well, I can't really say that these things are new. Maybe just continuations. Well, yeah, not much new I guess. Just my life. I guess you should say, "So, what's old?"

I'm glad you asked. I've been picking blackberries, and picking blackberries and picking blackberries. And, I have the scars to show for it. Why is it the big ones are always right in the middle? It is unbelievable how many blackberries we have. There are so many just going to waste. I've been searching the highways and the byways for people wanting to pick (for their own consumption). This is one reason it isn't good for me to have a garden. I can't stand to see waste. I have been putting up the Blackberry Brandy Jam I talked about in the last post. Boy is it yummy!!!! And I've been freezing some for cobblers this winter, double nummy yummy!!!!! (If you aren't familiar with the term "putting up," that is a cunnnnnnnnnnnntry term for any kind of canning/freezing of produce." I have taken the plunge and have begun spinning the green merino sent to me a while back. I decided it is time to grow up and stop just spinning Romney and Jacob. Although, they are much friendlier than the merino. I took the advice of a good friend, RoLynn, who said, "If you need to, make your whorl bigger, that will help you alot and then you can continue to go at your "jack rabbit" pace if you want...:)" I can't help it!!!! I am just a fast woman!!!! I'm from Kentucky. Well, wait a tick, I think that was fast horses. Ah. Anyways, having taken her advice Isa spinnin merino!!!! You Go Girl!!!!!

On another note. As Hermione Granger said, "What an idiot!" Well folks, that pretty much defines me. I don't know why I am the way I am. Bad potty training maybe? I've slept on my stomach since birth? I ate buggers growing up? I don't know. I've done two stupid things. Now these are things that are going to jump up and bite me in the tush. Well, only if I can contort my body in such a manner as I can bite my own patooty. No one is holding me over a fire or expecting me to do this. It is a matter of me being stupid and signing up to take part in something and if I don't I will be letting myself down. Sick of hearing me ramble on about it? "Get to the POINT!!!!"

Some time ago I joined a Yahoo Group, "Sockamanic Sockalong," where every month or so someone submits a sock pattern and the entire group knits it. No biggee right? Well, not exactly. This months sock pattern is a "mystery pattern." Mystery is right!!!! Man, I am so lost. I have charted, recharted and recharted. I know how the pattern is supposed to go but I can't figure out what to do with the stitches on either side of the pattern, it changes with each dang row. Therefore, I don't know how many to cast on. Can you say "IDIOT?" Please, don't lose any sleep, I'm doing enough of that, I will eventually figure it out. Hopefully I'll have it done before the next pattern comes out.

Is there another word for idiot? Oh, yeah, dumb***. Look it up in Webster's. You will see my picture. Ya see all those blogs to the right I call "Daily Haunts"? I check all those blogs daily to see if they have been updated. You should read 'em. There's some good stuff and some really interesting people there. Anyways, today, as is my daily constitution, I checked the Yarn Harlot for an update. Low and behold, there was one. I really enjoy her blog and if you haven't read any of her books, you don't know what you are missing!!!!! Todays entry was about a friend of her's conniving and talking her into joining this group knitalong thingy. It is called MS3, for mystery stole/shawl #3. Just about every week there is a new part of the pattern released and we all knit it up just as fast as our little fingers can go. You don't know what the final pattern looks like until you finish the stole/shawl. I don't know about you, to me stole is just a fancy way of saying shawl. So, I'm off to find 1200 yards of lace weight yarn. Oh and some beads to go on it somewhere. Should prove to be interesting. I mean, after all, it isn't like I don't already have a kazillion projects going!!!!!

Finally I have a picture of my baby, Jordan (22), and his wonderful girlfriend, Jacque. Don't they make a handsome pair?


Tabitha said...

That jam looks sooooo good! I want some blackberries!! Maybe one sweet little Emma Belle will pick some for her momma :) Hint.Hint.
Your spinning looks great! I love that green!
What an adorable pic of Jordan and Jacque, they're a beautiful couple.

Anonymous said...

Puttin' up? Oh we know about puttin' up! Last year I put up 3 dozen pints of blackberries jam along with tons of pickles. YUM. I can't wait until things start ripening around here. Can I have your jam recipe?

The spinning looks fantastic. What will it be? And that mystery sock thing? sounds like it's for the birds. Isn't it supposed to be knittable??

Edna said...

Welcome to the madness that is MysteryStole3. Looks like you are kinda close to me. I live in Cynthiana, KY.

Marmee said...

Your merino looks astounding!!
I knew you could do it.

Holly said...

HA! You got sucked in by YH! Not me-my slump is still going strong. Wanna send me some knitting mojo?

Joanne said...

Wow, you are busy with the knitalongs, there! I am slightly tempted by your blackberries--but you know, there's no waste if you can't get them all. Those birds, bugs and squirrels have to eat, too, right? Otherwise, I'd obsess about blackberries too. I hear you about wasting food...

You have a great looking family!

AJ Henry said...

I've charted the Sockmaniac pattern and it sure looks like she made a mistake in row 5/6. She made a mistake in the previous one the group did before and did not get it fixed until we were all fairly frustrated. Good luck, aj