Monday, September 24, 2007

Rockin The Block!!!!

Yesterday our church had our 2nd Annual Rock The Block Party. This year we held it at the Bowling Green Regional Airport. It was wild believe me. We held our morning service out there. We are talking hot people. I think it was around 95 or so. The festivities were from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. With live bands, a power team (you know, big boys breaking concrete blocks with their foreheads and Louisville Slugger bats over their knees - mega testosterone!!!!!), free hamburgers, hotdogs, cokes and such. My favorite - cotton candy, oh yeah. There were all kinds of inflatables for the kids to climb over, into and jump on. Kiddie games with prizes. And free groceries. This is a way for us, the church, to reach out to the community and show our love. There were a minimum of 3,000 in attendance. It was great, but man were we pooped. Particularly the men in my family. They had worked all day Saturday setting up and then all day Sunday playing music and making sure everything was running smoothly. And then late into Sunday night and again Monday morning tearing down.

Here are a couple pictures of the gang.

My oldest, Aaron, Emma Belle's daddy concentrating on the story he is being told.

Look are that face!!!!

I am one hot (temperature wise) and sweaty Gammy, but don't you think we look alike? I like to think so. :)

My youngest, Jordan, doing what he does best - acting silly.

And finally my stud muffin and Emma Belle's Gampy.


Tabitha said...

Well that sounds like it was a blast! Emma said she had lots of fun! We also ended up playing miniature golf until 9pm, lol! She had a really busy day!

Sonya said...

It would have been even better if it really was fall around here.

I am so done with this heat!

Peggy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, and you all have the smiles to prove it!

Send that heat West! it was 44 when I got up this morning!

Marmee said...

Why does fun always seem to be such hard work?? Awesome pics of the fam...what a gorgeous lot!!

Roseann said...

What a fun day for everyone! I thought it was Emma Belle's mother in the photo with her, you do look alike!

Gail R said...

Nice looking family - and looks like all enjoyed.

Stay cool

Traci said...

Y'all are so good looking! I'm with Sonya, I am so done with this heat!!!! Done with it I say! When I was a kid we wore jackets in September, darn it. Oh wait, I lived in MA then.